Using Feeds from Scopus!

Scopus is offering the ability to set up a search, and then save an html string to your webpage to keep the search fresh. Very cool!

Scopus HTML Feeds directions

  1. 1 Go to, run a search and select the orange RSS button, and then the Continue to get the RSS URL that you will use on this site in step 4.
  2. 2 If you are new to this site, register for the service below, or alternatively login with your Email and Scopus HTML Feeds Generator password.
  3. 3 Once logged in to this site, click Create New HTML Feed.
  4. 4 Paste the RSS URL obtained from in step 1 into the form below and set the optional display parameters.  Then click Save and Generate HTML Feed.
  5. 5 Copy and paste the HTML Feed Code from this site into your web site’s code.

I did have to do a little tweaking–once you have the feed set up, you can alter the “Content Details.” I set this to open the feed in the same window. Also, you have the choice to change style details. Very neat! One thing to keep in mind–each feed that you set up is unique to a particular webpage where it will be hosted. So, if you are having the same feed on two different webpages (say a personal one, and a departmental one), you will need to set up two separate feeds.


Here is one that I have set up for Rice University, Department of Statistics:

About effervescentlibrarian

UX Librarian at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
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