Wow! Amazing lectures coming up….

The President’s Lecture Series at Rice University is bringing some amazing speakers this year! Sylvester Gates speaks on Wednesday, October 15th in the Shell Auditorium, McNair Hall. For some of his work see:

Q141 .B74 1996

Breakthrough [videorecording] : the changing face of science in America

Blackside, Inc.

QC794.6 .S85 E43 2003

The elegant universe [videorecording]

McMaster, Joseph.

QC73.8 .C6 E436 2005

Einstein’s big idea [videorecording]

Bodanis, David. E=mc²

Andrew Wiles will be speaking on Tuesday, November 11th. Read about his work:

QA244 .S56 1997

Fermat’s last theorem : the story of a riddle that confounded the world’s greatest minds for 358 years

by Singh, Simon.



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