Making science accessible

I happened to come across this post from a science librarian at Penn State.

It was impressive to hear from Dr. Abraham Nemeth, the historic
mathematics professor who developed the standard system of Braille used
for math in the sciences.  Recording of the lecture available online. 
He worked on Computer Science projects at Penn State in 1968 and 1969. 
He had a map of Penn State in cloth with embroidered routes and notes
of braille
posted on locations in code for look up in another braille book.  After
studying it he could get to McAllister with no trouble on his own.  A
very amusing lecturer, I would have enjoyed sitting in his math
courses.  He had some comments about the lack of air conditioning at
Penn State dormitories.

Currently, the American Physical Society, along with John Gardner, a blind physicist and Rice alum, is working on a project to make APS journals accessible to the blind.At the 2009 Academic Publishing in Europe conference, this was a presentation on the very interesting project.


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