Thinking about the Horizon Report 2009

I have to be honest and say that my copy of the Horizon Report has been on my desk for months, and months, and I have just read it. Partly because I knew mostly what was being predicted from conversations with Lisa Spiro, and Rachel Smith(NMC), and partly because, well, I'm overwhelmed with futurist predictions. Which I love, but have to temper. So…what's there…of course, cloud computing; I'm interested in Science Clouds,
a "project that aims to provide cloud computing resources to members of
the science community for limited amounts of time in support of
specific projects."  AND, I'm going to read this over the weekend:

The Tower and the Cloud: an EDUCAUSE eBook
(Richard N. Katz, ed., EDUCAUSE, 2008.) This book, freely
available as a PDF document, includes chapters by leading educators and
technologists on all aspects of cloud computing and education,
including accountability, implementation, social networking, and

The other thing that really interests me is semantic-aware applications, probably because I don't really understand all that it might create. One statement in the report describes two approaches to creating a semantic web: "One, the bottom-up approach, is problematic in that it assumes metadata
will be added to each piece of content to include information about its
context; tagging at the concept level, if you will. The top-down
approach appears to have a far greater likelihood of success, as it
focuses on developing natural language search capability that can make
those same kinds of determinations without any special metadata." I like the idea of automation–especially in areas of metadata, where most of the work is done by programming, and allowing the program to creatively link ideas and concepts between information, creating a true web of knowledge.



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