Information-seeking behaviour of physicists and astronomers

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A new paper by Jamali, Hamid R. and Nicholas, David:

From the Abstract:

The study examines two aspects of information seeking
behaviour of physicists and astronomers including methods applied for
keeping up-to-date and methods used for finding articles. The
relationship between academic status and research field of users with
their information seeking behaviour was investigated.
Methodology/approach – Data were gathered using a questionnaire survey
of PhD students and staff of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at
University College London; 114 people (47.1 per cent response rate)
participated in the survey. Findings – The study reveals differences
among subfields of physics and astronomy in terms of
information-seeking behaviour, highlights the need for and the value of
looking at narrower subject communities within disciplines for a deeper
understanding of the information behaviour of scientists.
Originality/value – The study is the first study to deeply investigate
intradisciplinary dissimilarities of information-seeking behaviour of
scientists in a discipline. It is also an up-to-date account of
information seeking behaviour of physicists and astronomers.

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Source: Aslib Proceedings, 2008


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