Physics Films

I launched a documentary film series for the Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Association last Friday. Most of the films this semester will be about physics or astronomy, but the first one, by request, was The Corporation. An excellent documentary, about the role of the corporation in society.

Films to be shown (date to be announced):The Journey to Palomer (90 minutes)

This is the story of George Ellery Hale and his efforts to create
three of the greatest astronomical observatories in the world-the
Yerkes Observatory, the Mt. Wilson Observatory, and the Palomar
Observatory. Originally shown on PBS.

Richard Feynman: Take the World from Another Point of View (38
minutes) and  NOVA Feynman: The Best Mind Science Einstein (56 minutes)

Feynman describes how his sense of continuous wonder, his
childlike curiosity about anything and everything, led him to a life in
science. (Films for the Humanities and Sciences)

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Everything (50 minutes)

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku and experts form Cambridge, MIT,
and elsewhere discuss Einstein. A gripping dramatizaion of Einstein’s
last two days paints a vivid portrait of an idealistic scientist who
never gave up seeking.

Bye-Bye Planet Pluto (50 minutes)

How many planets are there? It depends on how you define a planet. Bye-Bye Pluto!

The Copenhagen Interpretation: Quantum Physics vs. Relativity (50 minutes)

(Films for the Humanities and Sciences)

Here is a great article about showing films for library promotions.

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