A mathematician that never existed!

Bourbaki : a secret society of mathematics.
Mashaal, Maurice. QA29 .B692 M3713 2006
The artist and the mathematician : the story of Nicolas Bourbaki, the genius mathematician who never existed. Aczel, Amir D. QA29 .B692 A29 2006

An interesting bit of mathematics history!

From an article by Borel in the Notices of the AMS: In 1934 A. Weil and H. Cartan were Maîtres de Conférences (the equivalent of assistant professors) at the University of Strasbourg. One main duty was, of course, the teaching of differential and integral calculus. The standard text was the Traité d’Analyse of E. Goursat, which they found wanting in many ways. Cartan was frequently bugging Weil with questions on how to present this material, so that at some point, to get it over with once and for all, Weil suggested they write themselves a new Traité d’Analyse. This suggestion was spread around, and soon a group of about ten mathematicians began to meet regularly to plan this treatise. It was soon decided that the work would be collective, without any acknowledgment of individual contributions. In summer 1935 the pen name Nicolas Bourbaki was chosen.4

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