Physics Cancellations for 2010

The budget for 2010 caused us to cancel a few physics publications, journals and databases. Here is the list:

  • PhysicsNetBase (CRC Press)
  • Environmetrics (Wiley)
  • Fortschritte der Physik (Wiley)
  • Advanced Materials (Wiley)
  • Atmospheric Science Letters (Wiley)
  • AIP Conference Proceedings (PRINT) (AIP)
  • Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society (Wiley)
  • Color Research and Application (Wiley)
  • Contributions to Plasma Physics (Wiley)
  • New Astronomy Reviews (Elsevier)
  • Canadian Journal of Physics (Ebsco)
  • Computer Physics Communications (Elsevier)
  • Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology (Elsevier)
  • Terra Nova (Ebsco)

About effervescentlibrarian

UX Librarian at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
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