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The past week has seen the launch of two mobile sites from well-known publishers. Late last week, AIP launched iResearch. It contains links to all of the AIP journals, including the freely-available open access journal: Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (JRSE). iResearch requires a Wifi or cellular connection when you access the journals for the first time and to download any PDF articles. Once the articles are in the “My Articles” screen, they can be accessed without an Internet connection. Any new journals, issues, volumes or content that is available, or content that you did not previously access will not be available without an Internet connection. iResearch caches only the content you have previously accessed and the PDF files you have saved.

And earlier this week the IEEE Xplore Mobile (Beta) site was released.

It is interesting to see the app versus decision. I like apps, but I am starting to get too many, and even with the ability to organize them in the new iTunes, it still is a lot to scroll though. That is one reason I like Papers (although not the price!) which combines multiple archive sites in one app.


iresearch app


IEEE mobile

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