Seminaire Bourbaki

The Séminaire Nicolas Bourbaki (Bourbaki Seminar) is a series of seminars  (in fact public lectures with printed notes distributed) that has been held in Paris since 1948. It is one of the major institutions of contemporary mathematics, and a barometer of mathematical achievement, fashion, and reputation. It is named after Nicolas Bourbaki, a group of French and other mathematicians of variable membership. (Wikipedia)

The proceedings of the Séminaire have been published by four different publishers over the years.
1948/49 through 1964/65 were published as Textes des conférences / Séminaire Bourbaki  by the Secrétariat Mathématique, Université Paris. Call number is QA1 .P325  Fondren owns all of these volumes, from V. 1(1948/1949) -v. 19 (1966/1967) They are all housed in the Library Service Center.
In 1966, W. A. Benjamin, Inc. issued a special twelve-volume facsimile reproduction of the Séminaire Bourbaki, 1948-1965. Review: JSTOR. W.A. Benjamin, Inc. continued to publish the proceedings for three more years, 1965/66 through 1967/68. Call number is QA1 .P32.

1968/69 through 1980/81 were published by Springer-Verlag as part of Lecture Notes in Mathematics series.
Call number is QA3 .L38.  We have 1964 to present in SpringerLINK Lecture Notes in Mathematics Shelved under: QA3.L28.

1981/82 to date are published by the Société Mathématique de France as part of Astérisque. Call number is QA1 .S47. You must SEARCH UNDER INDIVIDUAL AUTHOR/TITLE FOR SOME ITEMS IN THIS SERIES.

The series is also available online from Numdam from V.11-V. 44. Fondren Library has ordered online access for the earlier years, which are slated to become available in 2010.

There is a cumulative author index in the back of some volumes of the proceedings.  The index gives reference to the year and the Exposé number. There is a nice table available from the Ohio State Library.

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