Web accessibility

A colleague sent me this link this morning: Best and Worst College Web Sites for Blind Students  (Rice ranks 155)

And I have to say, it is food for thought. I am a member of our library committee that is hard at work building a new web site that will go into user testing in early January. I think we do a pretty good job at the library of making sure our material is user friendly.

Linda Spiro created a LibGuide on Accessibility tips and it includes a section on web accessibility. But how do you ensure that you are doing all that you can do to make your site accessible?

I strongly believe that by improving accessibility of your site, you improve the web experience of all users.

NPR did a great story earlier this year on the Digital Divide of Disability. Very interesting, and important. It talks about a nonprofit, based in Austin, Texas, called Knowbility, which “supports the independence of people with disabilities by promoting the use and improving the availability of accessible information technology.”

So, as I ponder the ranking of my institution, and think about the redesign of our library website, I am reminded that accessibility is one of the most important considerations of any redesign.

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UX Librarian at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
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