Welcome 2011!

SLA President, Cindy Romaine, has a great project to launch a member-written blog for SLA members. The blog will  run for 365 days, with 365 posts describing what it means to be Future Ready.  The future is shaping up well for UX!

I am honored that my post, What does Future Ready look like for a UX Librarian, was the first post of the series. I look forward to reading each post, and encourage all SLA members to submit a contribution to this collective. How do you join in? It’s easy: Submit your post to futureready365@sla.org.  Brilliant idea!

Greg Lambert, over at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog, gives some nice instructions for getting your post ready! He says, “Collaboration means success.” Absolutely!


About effervescentlibrarian

UX Librarian at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
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2 Responses to Welcome 2011!

  1. Cindy Romaine says:

    You Texans are an exceptional bunch!

    Let the blogging begin!


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