Kudos to Shhh!

Over at the 3 Geeks and a Law Blog,  Greg Lambert is talking about his blog post over the weekend at the SLA Future Ready 365: Re-embracing the “Shush.” I love his thinking. For his library, users need a quiet place to go and get work done. So, he provides that. He has listened to his users, and designed a space that is beneficial to them. That is the heart of user-centered design–not going with any trends out there, despite how cool an Xbox might be to have in a library.

Experiences of users are everything, and if that means a dynamic repurposing of space from time-to-time to draw in all of your users, then that is fabulous. Listen to what is needed, and watch how the space is being used. Do not be afraid to embrace the shush, or the sound. The main thing is, talk to your users, see what is needed, and become that, even if it is just for a Monday.


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