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One of my favorite librarians published a great little “web review” in the Special Libraries Association Sci-Tech News yesterday. Lisa Johnston covers (2011) “Web Reviews: User Experience (UX) in Libraries: Web,” Sci-Tech News: Vol. 65: Iss. 1, Article 11. Available at: http://jdc.jefferson.edu/scitechnews/vol65/iss1/11 SciTech News, is the official bulletin of the Chemistry, Engineering, and Science-Technology Divisions, the Aerospace Section of the Engineering Division, and the Materials Research and Manufacturing Section of the Chemistry Division of the Special Libraries Association. Web Reviews is a great column. It is a nicely organized, concise, colorful, everything-you-need-to-know look at different topics, with nice reviews of web resources, and great screenshots. I highly recommend it.

Lisa Johnston had a great write-up in AIP Library Matters in 2009, and you can see how she writes her column, and some of her views about why tech and libraries go hand in hand.

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