That’s in Google Books? Really?!

Much talk has been made about Google Books over the last year. I have poked around some, and even wrote about it last year. But, I continue to be amazed at the scope! Today I needed a classic mathematics paper from 1882, one by Enneper that was originally published in Zeitschrift fur Mathematik und Physik. My library owns the print, but like most of our users, I wanted to get it quickly online.

I usually search¬† Numdam, and Gallica, and if I am looking for a book, Google Books. But, I was in a hurry, and thinking that this was a journal, I didn’t even THINK of looking in Google Books! I hadn’t found it online, so I submitted an ILL request. It is just a normal part of my ILL department’s work process to check in Google Books, so they did, and shot me a link to find it online. And, lo, and behold, my 1882 journal article is in Google Books. It is really amazing. Now, this weekend I must find time to catch up on the old Popular Science issues!

And, I have to think about how our discovery tools work with Google Books.

And, how they might work better in the future!

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UX Librarian at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
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