Designing libraries

Lately I have been writing about the usability/ethnographic study portion of User Experience (UX) but I want to start talking more about designing experiences.

There is a great  TED talk on design, a bit old now, but still great. Given by David Kelley, he is one of America’s leading design innovators, and is active in Ideo. He really talks about how his design work has gone from being product based to now looking  at how things are used, and focusing on human-centered design. One of the videos that Kelley shows is of a Prada store; I should disclose that  my husband’s firm did that store, which is kind of cool. Kelley also shows an interactive wall that is at a science museum. Brilliant.

The experiences that Ideo builds into their design process is one that I want to see more and more libraries incorporate.

Of course, Ideo is famous; they were highlighted in a  60 Minutes episode in 1999, and then were the cover story “The Power of Design” (Download PDF)(which should more approriately been named “The Power of Design Thinking“) in the BusinessWeek in 2004 and the latest one is an article in the Harvard Business Review. You can see the 60 Minutes episode on YouTube. Earlier this month, it was announced that they were opening a non-profit arm to do more social good. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this!

For a library perspective, check out Steven Bell, over at Designing Better Libraries; I recommend that you keep up with his blog.


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