Libraries in a digital age

The March issue of Architectural Record has a cover photo that is focused on looking at Libraries in a Digital Age.

archrecord cover image

An investigation of libraries, and how the increase of digital resources must influence the design of space. Worldwide examples are included, some public, some academic. The lead article points out that many libraries still “prominently feature the book as a design element.” The article is a call for architects to help libraries make a transition to an “increasingly digital world.”   I love the last line, “The library’s future rests with its ability to be a comfortable space where people come together to tell their own stories and discover new ones.”

Images of libraries ranging from Tokyo to Peoria show the range of design decisions that architects have made about “what to do with the books.”

I love that Architectural Record is thinking about this, and encouraging architects to work with communities, and the librarians to create user-centered design for a digital age.


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