SLA Vancouver, Reflections after the Conference

The 2014 SLA Vancouver Conference Report!

Favorite Panels: Session: Engaging Users with Technology (Presented by Engineering Division; User Experience Caucus) engagetech







Gaming at the UF Libraries: Great names for games: Cheats and Geeks, Murky Misconduct!


Session: Speed Geek! (Presented by SLA IT Division; User Experience Caucus) speedgeek         I ran my own session here, but was excited to join tables with Joyce Wong, Coordinator of User Experience at Langara College towards the end of the time.





Session: UX Caucus Business Meeting









Nora Ohnishi, the Texas Chapter Student Stipend winner, and Chris Coughlan, Rocky Mountain Chapter President, came! So happy we had a great talk about UX! Putting together some good plans for Boston SLA 2015 programming!


Also, enjoyed 60 Sites in  60 Minutes. The slides are now available from @ibraryguy QUICK TAKE – Altmetrics – The Basics ( – “Come hear why people are talking about Altmetrics as a new way of measuring scholarship; these metrics are based on the Social Web and can be used for analyzing and informing scholarship.” PAM Mathematics Roundtable ( – “Small group discussion of current topics and concerns related to mathematics information, literature, publishing, and libraries. Anticipated topics range from altmetrics and e-books in mathematics to new acquisition models and faculty outreach.”

Favorite Speakers: At the Closing General Session, Sarah Glassmeyer was “crazy!”

Main Topics: The quantified self, the selling of the SLA Headquarters building was a hot topic, also, altmetrics, and lots of Twitter folks this year! My favorite Twitter folks: @leslieR (Leslie Reynolds), @SLA_Eng, and of course,  .

Vendors:  For some reason, I had a lot of free time this year on Sunday afternoon. The exhibit hall was pretty quiet, so I just ended up spending three hours talking to my vendors! It was really relaxing, and informative! I don’t remember in all my SLA years ever being able to do that! I did a brief training session with Thomson ISI;  I had not looked at the citation analysis tools in Web of Science for years, so I was really happy with how far they have come along. I also had a great session at the Elsevier booth, and got to meet with the fabulous Michael Habib. I am working on a project to do something a little complicated with RSS feeds, and he was just a fabulous trainer and got the fact that I really want to build something local, rather than look for a paid solution right off the bat. Kudos!! Also, he is really a great speaker on Altmetrics, and gave a presentation at the PAM Vendor Update Session on the last day of the conference.

I also had a great time visiting with Maura Tobin at the bcc Research booth!

Additionally, I was impressed with the participatory design work going on at Thomson ISI. Every year they give away a tile, and this year they were asking participants to help design next year’s tile, and had a big wall to hang your mock-up tile!

Favorite Give Away: At the ACS (American Chemical Society) luncheon, they gave away a large cork that had three test tubes in it, with paper clips, thumbtacks, and binder clips. Super cute!   Final Conference Stuff! There was a #SLAtalk Roundup yesterday–the notes are at: And, apparently, I missed the statue of the giant blue rain drop, so I must go back to Vancouver soon!


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