And suddenly, time has flown!

As a huge Dr. Who fan, I can’t help but think I could really use the Tardis today! I would fly back to last summer, and quickly write consistently about all the work that the UX Office at Fondren Library has done this past year! Alas, not gonna happen!

But, we have been busy! The biggest projects were testing on our study room reservation system, focus groups to inform furniture and artwork for the same study rooms, a website redesign project, and testing on a migration for our Institutional Repository software, DSpace. Lots of smaller projects along the way as well, especially a great projects with AMS (Robert Harington), and Ebsco (Kate Lawrence).

Study Room Reservation System (Spring 2014) Kolah, Debra, and Mitchell Massey. “Get a Room: The Birth of a New Room Reservation System at Fondren.” News From Fondren. Fondren Library. Vol. 24, No. 1, Fall 2014.  

Study Room Renovations (Summer 2014) Kolah, Debra.  “New Wave of Study Room Renovations.” News from Fondren. Fondren Library. 

A couple of the more interesting projects over last year, included completing a small scale ethnographic study of microfiche users in the Kelley Center area to inform service and design decisions in those areas. I still am fascinated at the use of microfiche readers these days, and how some students view them.

Additionally, I had learned of a study that had used GIS to understand space utilization in a library at a CLIR workshop, so our Fondren Library GIS department undertook a similar study that helped inform furniture renovation decisions for a remodel that we are doing Summer of 2015, and also, for how we reconfigure space during our Finals periods.

It continues to be a wonderful time for UX in Libraries! If you haven’t noticed yet, we even got a peer-reviewed journal last year! Weave!

Summer will be busy, and I hope to write more. Upcoming projects: finish the Fondren Library website redesign and collaborate with our ERM person to do usability testing on SFX. And, sadly, I bid farewell to the terrific Mitchell Massey, (Portfolio) who is graduating in May–he was a fabulous student assistant in the UX office!


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