TX Stem Librarians’ Conference!

I am in Austin tonight–looking at a great view of the Tower on the UT campus from my hotel room! Looking forward to hearing the large number of speakers giving 5 or 15 minute talks on projects ranging from outreach to IRB to my ethnography toolbox talk.

I am giving out a handout, but thought I would post it here too–it is a little repurposed from a talk that I gave on “Bootstrap UX” at TLA last year, but updated to be more science oriented. I am especially excited about a few items on the bibliography, namely the work practice article entitled, “Making Work Visible.” Work practice ethnography is especially useful to librarians, as it focuses on how people actually work, and not how they say they work, or how “we” think they should work. Also, love, love, the book Epistemic Cultures by Cetina and Beamtimes and Lifetimes by Traweek. Here is an interesting review of Beamtimes.

There are a couple of exciting video projects going on as well, especially from the MAA, and the Simons Foundation. It will live at the Briscoe Digital Collections site at UT; work starts in August.

Here is the handout for my talk–it is meant to be printed on 11 by 17 paper, double-sided. stemuxhandout

And a bonus-a photograph from the reading room of the UT Life Sciences library, the site of my first library job, and one of the prettiest libraries ever:

UT Life Science Library, Reading Room

UT Life Science Library, Reading Room


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One Response to TX Stem Librarians’ Conference!

  1. Jessie says:

    I was at this event and presented as well. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you are able to make it to the 2014 TX STEM Librarians, too.

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